Admin Team

Meet the creators and managers of!

This campaign is made possible by the works of many amazing people around the world, including you if you shared or donated!

BrothersHarris Stolzenberg: (Ft. Lauderdale, Florida)

Harris had the idea of this project shortly after the Boston incident, and reached out to his friends on the MIT Class of 2017 Facebook page for help making a website.

Michael Stolzenberg: (Ft. Lauderdale, Florida)

While he is not actively involved in managing the website, he sees all of the wonderful comments and messages that you have left us. He is involved in crafting the campaign, and is of course it’s inspiration. He’s basically an all around awesome kid!

Corey Walsh: (San Diego, California)DSC_3376

Corey volunteered to help out after seeing Harris’s post on the Facebook page, and created, maintains, and manages He is also a leading voice in our publicity program. If you have any personal website needs, contact Corey as he is looking for work to help pay for his MIT tuition.


And of course, many others on the MIT Class of 2017 Facebook page have had a hand in this effort!

3 Comments on “Admin Team

  1. Great project and website!!! Good luck in all your endeavors in life!

  2. This is a remarkable thing you guys are doing and I am stoked to study with you guys up at MIT! Good work! God bless!

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