Sponsor Harris as he plans on completing the 2014 Boston Marathon.  He is a two-sport athlete, but not a marathon runner. Harris decided to take on this challenge because of the inspiration he receives daily from his younger brother, Mikey, a quadrilateral amputee.


All sponsorships support rehabilitation programs or services for victims that suffered loss of limbs at the 2013 Boston Marathon. The Scott Rigsby Foundation has set up a special fund for just this purpose.  All sponsorship money raised by this project will go directly to that fund.

As Harris starts to train, we will keep you updated on his progress.  Together, we can make a difference!

If you wish to mail a check, it can be sent directly to our partners at the Scott Rigsby Foundation. Make it out to “Scott Rigsby Foundation” and put “Mikey’s Run” in the subject line so we can be sure that your donation is counted in our progress bar. Their information:

1205 Johnson Ferry Road
Suite 136, #201
Marietta, GA 30068

Their Federal Tax ID is #20-8146097


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  1. Got a facebook page yet? I couldn’t find one from a search. Send me the link and I will share it too.

    God bless

    • We are working on that! We hope to have it up by tomorrow. Cheers!

      • Hi…what a great cause and inspiring family. Just a suggestion…on the donate page, I would include a sentence that indicates that all donations go to the 501c3 foundation. This may drive more/increased donations as people can use their donation as a tax deduction. I know it’s in the comments…but, higher on the page would be helpful.

        Good luck!!

  2. You should consider accepting bitcoin. I’m not saying this because I want to promote bitcoin (I do) I’m saying this because I truly believe you’ll get a significant extra chunk of donations that way. You certainly wouldn’t get any less.

    • I never even considered that but I will look into it, I don’t know anything about how that would be integrated with our existing donations portal. Thanks!

  3. I believe in your cause, but I am Dutch. There are not many people in Europe who own a credit card, it would be easier if it would also be possible to pay with iDeal or PayPal. Stay stong.

    • You can use PayPal through our donations portal! Thanks for the support!

  4. Found you on Imgur. My job ends in 3 weeks, so I donated what I could.

  5. I think this is a great thing that you are doing for your brother and the people who were injured recently in the Boston Marathon. Also, I think you are really cute!!! :)

  6. This is such a worthy cause! I’m very proud that a Pine Crest student has started this. Go Pine Crest!

  7. You’re an inspiration — thanks for sharing your story and good luck to both you and your brother.

  8. Just read it on Buzzfeed. What a beautiful story and iniciative! I’ll do my best to spread The campaign here in Brazil. Best luck and good training!

  9. What a gift you both are to the world. Thank you for being strong, generous, loving young men.

  10. you both are an inspiration. thank you for what you are doing here!!!

  11. Hi my name is Dawn and I grew up in Newton Ma. On my bucket list was to run the Boston marathon one day. After this happened I told myself I would run 2014 for all the victims. Reading your story is an inspiration to me. I want to know if there is a team you are forming? I would love to run with you. I am 36, a mom of a 9 year old. I just started training this week. I figure I should be ready by 2014. I would live to help you raise money. Please let me know if I can run as part of your team. My email is

    • We would love for you to be a part of our team. We are starting to put “Mikey’s Team” together. If you could please submit the following information to be recognized on our site that would be awesome! Your Name, Age, Picture (one that shows your face!), the events you have run in before, and the events you plan on running in the future.


  12. You guys are a true inspiration. Thank you for giving me hope in the next generation. Keep it up. Stay motivated. Never lose your willingness to help others.

  13. Wow. What an inspiring story. Happy to contribute. Congratulations to all of you – particularly Harris and Michael! Good luck, Harris!

  14. With two of our own children as Pine Crest Alums, you make us even prouder, stronger! Please let me know if there are other ways to promote your noble cause besides FB share and/or if there is anything else we can do to help. And let your parents know this from Bill and me – you raised them right!

    When will the Boston Marathon victims receive our donations?


    • Thank you for your comment! The Scott Rigsby Foundation is handling the disbursement of all of the funds. I asked them for more information regarding the people we support, and hopefully we can get some stories about the people that receive our aid in the coming weeks! You can help by getting our link and story on every website that you can, we are gaining traction in the news, but the more people that contact any news agency about our story the more likely it is to get noticed. The support is greatly appreciated!

  15. I think this is an amazing thing to do. I have yet to donate but will as soon as I can. Again, God Bless and I wish you all the best in your endeavors.

  16. Hi Harris and Mikey,
    As Lance’s older sister and a PC alum (’08) I couldn’t help but reach out! You guys are a true inspiration to people around the world. I honestly can’t think of many other examples of people I know who are impacting the community in such a strong, kindhearted, and authentic way. Really proud to be a PC alum and of you both!! Please let me know if I can be helpful in any way.
    Rooting for you both!!

  17. Hi you guys!

    I’m watching you on CNN right now. This is a great thing you are doing. I had an older brother but, lost him later in life so it really warms my heart to see the two of you together. I live in San Francisco and I have been trying to figure out what I could do to help the victims in Boston and here you are with Mikey’s Run. Thanks for doing this. God Bless and keep up the good work because it is the only reason we are all on this earth. Dinner on me if you are ever in San Francisco!

  18. Just saw you on CNN. As a Ft. Lauderdale native and Red Sox fan in Jacksonville I could not be prouder of you two young men for your maturity and poise! Your parents did one heckuva job raising you to care about your fellow humans. Keep running.

  19. saw your story on CNN this Sat. morning. i am really touched. i would like to help. i would love to follow up on your progress and development as to how others are helped….really amzaing. may God bless you two, your family and rest of your fundraising committee. kim

  20. Just saw you on CNN. Loved your quote “I’m not trying to do anything too big, just trying to raise a million dollars.” Pretty cool and inspirational. My two kids and I opted to eat lunch at home today instead of going out. Giving $25 to your fund instead.

  21. Thanks for the oppunity to give. I didn’t know anyone there but it touched me a lot. I’m from northern Alberta Canada. I’m praying for everyone down in our neighbour country. God Bless Eh!

      • I know we are thousands of miles or kms away but if you need any help or anything let me know. I’m hard core Canadian but I worked on a harvest crew in the USA last summer and fell in love with your country and the people. The American people are so amazing their hearts and warm smiles made me feel like I was home. I even got that y’all saying stuck in me. Y’all all get threw this and be stronger then ever but not in hockey sorry that our game eh haha. Take care

  22. Saw you on the news today ! I am impressed with both of you boys ! You are awesome :) My youngest son’s is named Michael also and we call him Mikey. One suggestion I have is, can you make paypal an option for donations ?? It may help some and make them feel more comfortable donating that way.

    • Paypal is already an option! It is in fact the main option when you click on donate. Thank you for your support!

  23. You are wonderful people. God Bless. I have already sent my donation.

  24. I saw your story on FB after a friend shared it, and I thought it was so awesome that I had to share it, too. I think it’s great what you (and Mikey) are doing, and I think you’ve already touched the lives of many. Good luck! (Atlanta, GA)

  25. I saw your story on CNBC and I thought it was so awesome that I had to share it

  26. Hello !
    My name is Amélie, I’m 13 years old and I’m French.
    I go to middle shool at Les Molières, in Les Essarts Le Roi.
    In my class we learn about you !
    You are very brave !! Your website is very good ! Help the amputees, it’s very fantastic !!
    You are very generous !!

    Good luck ! :) =)

  27. Hello,
    My name is Leo and I’m French. I go to college “Les Molieres” in Les Essart le Roi.

    I hope you will have $1,000,000 for the marathon. You are courageous.

    Good luck. ;)

  28. I needed to thank you for this wonderful read!! I definitely
    loved every bit of it. I have you saved as a favorite to look at new stuff
    you post

  29. I was so moved to read about these wonderful brothers….reaching out to help others…and I couldn’t resist the urge to “get on the train”…..keep up the good work, and best of all…keep on inspiring and challenging us older folks to stay engaged and involved in the good that we can do for each other! Your family must be SO proud of you…with good reason!

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