Join Team Mikey!

Join Team Mikey!

We have had a lot of interest in running for our cause. If you are interested in running for us, sign up here. We will contact everyone who signs up to figure out the details with each person. We are considering setting up 5Ks around the nation for those who want to do that, but no guarantees yet!

  • Will not be shared without first consulting you.
  • This will make it easier to contact you, it will not be shared.
  • Country, State, City
  • Our team will have a page on this website, give us an image if you would like it to appear as well. No one’s profile will be posted without consent (we will contact you).
  • If your profile is posted on our website we will display this. Tell us a little about yourself!

2 Comments on “Join Team Mikey!

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  2. hello, don’t run but would volunteer for event if local and am not working—thank you for your consideration and reply—-if you call talk or leave a message

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