Mikey’s Team

We have been getting a lot of interest from runners all over the world in running for our cause. If you are interested in this join our team!

We are working on making T-shirts, and we would love your input on the design. If you have any suggestions please comment below.  If you would like to set up a 5K in your local area please send us a message.

At the very least we would like to make this a page for runners who support our cause to say a few words and have their picture posted.

Check back for updates!

4 Comments on “Mikey’s Team

  1. I just found this website and love this effort! I’m currently a graduate student who is hoping to move back into artwork after I finish my degree in history next year. I have designed several t-shirts (personalized) for people and would like to offer my skills to help out with this. I’m willing to email images of work I’ve done as I’m sure you’re getting a lot of other offers and that way you can can see if my style might work for a design.

    I’m also a runner, the furthest I’ve gone so far is a half marathon (as I have to build up endurance because I run barefoot), but after the bombings this month, running in Boston has become something I’d like to accomplish. I’ve never run a marathon so I don’t know if I’d qualify, but I’d be interested in running to support this if you are opening it up for others to join either at Boston or for separate runs.

    Best of luck and thank you for doing this!

    • We would love for you to be a part of our team. We are starting to put “Mikey’s Team” together. If you could please submit the following information to be recognized on our site that would be awesome! Your Name, Age, Picture (one that shows your face!), the events you have run in before, and the events you plan on running in the future.


  2. What an inspirational story! I would love to be a part of this team next year for the 2014 Boston Marathon. I was at the finish line supporting my dad when the two bombs went off! I am a physical therapist in NYC and have the pleasure of working with amputees on a daily basis. I would love to give back to the victims of this past week. keep me in the loop!

    Gillian Haskell

  3. your story is so inspiring!!!!!!!! your positive attitude is soooooooo contagious!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you soooooooooooooooooooooo much.
    i am 10 years old and you already inspired!!!!

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