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My name is Harris Stolzenberg, and I am Michael’s brother.  Michael’s contagious smile lights up the room and his unyielding determination always inspires me to push my boundaries.  This year, I hope to honor him and those wounded in Boston Marathon bombings by taking on a new challenge.  Like Michael, I am also an avid sports player.  I play lacrosse and football and have received national recognition for my accomplishments on the field.  But I have never run a marathon, so I will need your help!

419278_10150553178408731_1399187268_n-1My plan is to spend next year training so I can run in the 2014 Boston Marathon.  Please consider sponsoring me in my journey to help the new amputees of the Boston bombing take their first steps towards independence and improved quality of life.  Throughout the year, you can follow my progress as I work towards my goal.  Training for a marathon will not be easy but with your support, I know I can cross the finish line.  And when I do, it will have been more than the run of an individual; it will be a run for my brother  and for everyone injured in the Boston Marathon attacks.


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  1. Hey! I just want to say that this is an amazing thing to do. In the light of such a terrible tragedy, it is people like you with such heart and determination that enable us as a society to bounce back!!! Good luck with your training:)

  2. What you’re doing is amazing. I am so glad the world has people like you.

    I really hope you meet your target of $1,000,000. Your brother is an inspiration to everyone!

    Good luck


  3. Have you considered making a team? I’m sure there are lots of others that would like to run with you and help raise more money!

    • We are working out the logistics of this sort of thing now. Cheers!

      • Harris, you’ve gotta make a team man. There’s gotta be a ton of people interested in doing this in the area.

      • Harry,
        Let me start by saying WOW; you and your brother are amazing human beings and role models. You are the light in a very dark place. You give us hope and inspiration, and allow us to heal our hearts, soul, bodies and spirit. Thank you for doing this and God bless you.
        Doc C

  4. Howdy! I am completely blown away at the initiative that you took to help out. It’s amazing and I hope you meet your goal. Seriously consider putting a team together!! I run marathons and half’s and would love to run for a great cause like this and I know I can’t be the only one out there wanting to help. Keep it up! This is awesome!

    • We would love for you to be a part of our team. We are starting to put “Mikey’s Team” together. If you could please submit the following information to be recognized on our site that would be awesome! Your Name, Age, Picture (one that shows your face!), the events you have run in before, and the events you plan on running in the future.


  5. Hi Mikey and Harris. You don’t know me, but I am your third cousin and I am a surgeon in NJ. I am inspired everytime I read your story. I hope you reach your goal and I will help you any way I can. Good luck!

  6. Hi Harris and Mikey!

    Your story has been run in the Daily Mail online here in the UK and has touched the hearts of many. I hope that the coverage will boost your funds – I know there were lots of us who couldn’t believe what happened in Boston. Mikey is truly amazing! – and so are you, Harris, for having such great thoughts about those caught up in this dreadful event. And then putting them into action. I wish you all the best in your training, and for your futures, Mikey has a brother to look up to and you have one to be very proud of – and I bet your family treasure you both!


  7. Harris and Mikey, you are both awesome! Mikey is doin more with less, more than most of us who have not faced such challenges, what inspiration! How lucky you both are to have each other! I wish you success and happiness!

  8. This is an amazing effort! Good luck, Harris!!! Will you be attending college in the Boston area?

  9. Hi Harris, I came across your website on BuzzFeed and was instantly moved by you and your brothers story. I was happy to donated what I could to your charity. I just wanted you to know that you are an amazing older brother and because of people like you, terrorist will never win. You and your little brother have demonstrated how hope, love and good will in the human soul is something that evil can never defeat. You are an inspiration to all who are lucky enough to hear your story, and have given me the courage to want to be a better person, and I thank you for that. God bless you and your family, and good luck with your charity.

  10. Good luck Harris, I hope you guys meet your goal, Mikey sounds like an amazing person, God Bless you both!!!

  11. Guys, I am so moved by your compassion and courage! You make me want to run… toward hope. Would love to join you in your efforts and keep you in prayer as God uses you to encourage others. Bless you and those whose lives you touch …

    • Just saw you on power lunch, what an inspiration. It brought tears to an old mans eyes god bless you both an the best of luck not just in this endeavor but in every thing you attempt.

  12. Harris and Michael – You guys are truly an inspiration! Put that team together and do it, do it, do it!! Harris – If you run the whole thing, there are lots of training regimes on the internet. A year is totally doable…you will be amazed. Maybe challenge a celebrity to do it with you!! With us. With U.S.!!!

  13. Mikey, u & your brother are amazing guys. I’m inspired by u both.

    Robert Luketic

  14. Just saw your very moving story on CNN….you two are an inspiration to all. I teach third grade in Nutley, NJ and I’m sure my whole school would be honored to help you reach your goal! Thanks for keeping us posted and God bless you both!

  15. I was SO very impressed at your amazing interview on CNN this morning. You boys are an inspiration to so many! You communicated so well, and were so honest about the challenges these people will face going forward, but you have demonstrated through your own actions that you can, and will succeed in spite of the challenges of the situation! I wish you both success in your efforts, and KNOW you will reach your goal. God Bless you for your efforts to help others—your selfless actions will be rewarded with SUCCESS!

  16. Harris and Mikey, I just love what you are doing. Heard your story today on CNN and couldn’t wait to go on-line and donate. I grew up in Massachusetts, and Boston truly is Boston Strong. So full of heart, just like the 2 of you. God Bless you and I will be rooting for you in ’14. You are gonna LOVE Boston!

  17. I think what you’re doing is wonderful, and I’ll be supporting your efforts and watching your progress. I did have one question…normally folks have to “qualify” to run Boston…. are you able to enter/run because it’s a charity event? Just a curiosity…. thanks again for what you do. God bless you and your family.

    • We are looking into this! I (Corey Walsh, Tech. Director) actually called yesterday and left a message with BAA. We are pretty sure that we will qualify under the charity classification, but very worst case one of the many people who have volunteered will run in his place for our cause and Harris will participate in a less stringent marathon. Thank you for your support!

  18. Harris and Michael – my dad Ed shared your story with me. You two are amazing and lucky to have each other as brothers! Best of luck with your fundraising and training!

  19. Hello Michael , how are you ? I’m Hugo from the college les molieres. I would like to encourage for your objective.bye see you later.

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