Supporting the Victims

528267_596108830401479_1576625480_nOur mission is to give the families affected by the tragedy in Boston on 4/15/13 the support they need to recover and regain independence.  When Michael needed help, his community rallied around him.

Now it is our turn to make a difference.  Harris will run to support those wounded by the Boston Marathon bombs, to help support rehabilitation programs or services, and most importantly, to give them what they need most: hope.

8 Comments on “Supporting the Victims

  1. Good Luck, get your ass training! Put me on your mail list. I will make a donation when I get paid

  2. I found your story and efforts very touching. I made a small donation but would certainly give more if I could afford it. Hopefully it will be a “widow’s mite” to your cause though. Good luck and all my best to you and your brother.

  3. Both you and your brother are amazing people :) As I’m 14, I don’t have tons of money to support the cause, but my friends and I are putting posters around our high school and community to share your story. Good luck and love from Virginia!

    • Liz, this is as awesome as Harris running. :) You are doing what you can with what you have and you are tremendously special for it! Thank you for helping.


  4. Truly an amazing story and all of you are examples of how strong and supporting this country is! Wouldn’t want to spend the donation I made any other way. Best of luck :-)

  5. Hey. I live in the Boston area. I am sharing your story and mission. Good Luck and the best wishes to you and your family…. Pay it Forward! Thanks…

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